Am I Fat?

Find Out If You're Fat Or Not With The Am I Fat Quiz

Am I Fat? How do I Tell? Those are common questions for those worried about their weight.
You could weigh yourself and look it up on a chart of heights and weights for ages, but that's not fun.
Instead, just take the am I fat quiz. It's the fun way to know if you're overweight.

Am I Fat? Find out with the short, accurate Am I Fat quiz.:

1. Are you comfortable with yourself naked?
a)  Of course, I'm sexy.
b)  I am, but everybody in gym class laughs at me.
c)  Only with the lights off.
d)  I haven't seen my genitals in years.

2. When picking teams at recess...
a)  I'm picked first.
b)  Teams argue over who gets stuck with me.
c)  I'm pick first....for tug of war only though.
d)  Coach just makes me run laps during recess.

3. Are you eating while taking this fat quiz?
a)  (sigh) yes.
b)  mhrrmf garble chew swallow
c)  No, but I am kind of hungry.
d)  No. I don't eat so I won't get fat.

4. When clothes shopping...
a)  I get upset that hollister doesn't include anything in my size.
b)  I shop at the normal stores.
c)  The store always has "big" or "tall" in the name.
d)  I have to make my own clothes out of parachutes.

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